Economics of Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services can make you money. It’s simple economics.

Trade creates value. A common misconception is that trade is a zero-sum game, it is not. For example, hockey is a zero-sum game — for one team to win, the other must lose. However, when two people trade they can be made better off by using resources more efficiently. This is due to gains from specialization and division of labour, gains from mass production and gains from innovation. Simple economics.

The same principles apply to any other good or service. Let’s say we have two bakers, Mary and Christy. They both need to make muffins and cookies for a bake sale. Well, it turns out Mary was trained by the world’s most famous and best muffin baker and Christy is a cookie baking savant. Mary can bake a dozen of the world’s best muffins in two hours, but it takes her four hours to make mediocre cookies. Likewise, Christy can make the most delicious cookies in two hours, but it takes her four hours to make half-decent muffins. You see where this is going. Instead of each of them making both muffins and cookies, they should trade, they would both have the best of both worlds and save a couple hours.

The same holds true for anything else, oh let’s say for example… cleaning services! Let’s say you earn $50/h and it takes you three hours clean one level in your home. If you were to hire a professional cleaner at $40/h and it only took them two hours to do the same cleaning, you would essentially be creating $70 of value for yourself and have a clean home. Or you could do something you love and the value of that is priceless.

Time is our most valuable resource. You can’t buy more time and you don’t know when you’ll run out. The best thing you can do is use time efficiently. So what do you want to spend your time doing?

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